Gmail Sign Up – Login Gmail Account – Gmail New Registration

Gmail Sign Up – This is a process of an individual who want to be using a gmail account will follow in other to create his or her personal Gmail account without any stress or any charge. Gmail account registration is free of charge. Lets guide you on the below steps to create your gmail account.

Is Gmail Address

Gmail is world wide most accep

table mailing service across the world that has the capacity of sending important mails to family, friends and business coliques,Gmail Sign Up – Login Gmail Account – Gmail New Registration.

Having briefly defined what is all about, i would like to walk in gmail account sign up with you to guide you on how to create a new gmail account of your own without anyone’s assistance. but before then let me outline here things you are to enjoy if created gmail account,Gmail Sign Up – Login Gmail Account – Gmail New Registration.

Features Of A Gmail Account

Gmail has many great and helpful features, some of them are listed below:

Gmail Spam

Gmail has the most effective spam filter, it detects junk files or doubtful emails on its own sometimes and sends them to spam mailbox.


It is a Gmail feature that helps you remind and follow up the Emails later. You can also select the time and date at your convenience,Gmail Sign Up – Login Gmail Account – Gmail New Registration.

Instant Chat Feature

Gmail provides this amazing feature where rather than sending email separately, you can also send quick messages and you can voice call or video chat without any botheration if your device has a camera and a microphone,Gmail Sign Up – Login Gmail Account – Gmail New Registration.

How To Unsend Email

Gmail allows you to un-send an email if you have mistakenly sent it or want to remove it anyway.

Search Friendly

If you are looking for multiple emails of the same person, click on the email of that person and choose the option ‘find all emails’. You will have all the emails related to your search,Gmail Sign Up – Login Gmail Account – Gmail New Registration.

Track, erase and lock you’re smartphone

Turning this feature on will be very usefulas this will help to track your smart phone in time of need. It will also lock away anderase your device if you havegiven access to it.

Sign in info of all devices

From this feature you can have access to the information of the entire log ins of Gmail in any device including date, time and eventhe IP of the network you used while logging in,Gmail Sign Up – Login Gmail Account – Gmail New Registration.

Offline mode

By turning the offline mode on, you can easily read all the emails even without having an internet connection.

Gmail privacy

The data of Gmail is encrypted. Using a strong password is always recommended and if you have turned on the Two – factor authentication feature of Google, the Gmail is always safe to work on.

Don’t have a Gmail account? Create one now.

  • You can easily log in and log out of your account anytime you want.
  • Now you can edit your new account as per your preferences; which includes your optional recovery email address, your profile picture, etc.
  • You can also manage your mails that are in the inbox, outbox, and your sent box.
  • You can also save your desired contacts in your Gmail.
  • Besides contact information, you can also include birthday, residential address, and mail address,Gmail Sign Up – Login Gmail Account – Gmail New Registration.

How to sign up for Gmail – Web

Setting up a Gmail is quite an easy process. Following are the few easy steps on ‘how to sign up for Gmail:

  • First Open your Google, Chrome, Firefox, or any other web browser you use and search on it,Gmail Sign Up – Login Gmail Account – Gmail New Registration.
  • If you are already signed in with another account, you haveto select ADD ANOTHER ACCOUNT.
  • This process will take you to the page where you will provide the necessary information for your new account,Gmail Sign Up – Login Gmail Account – Gmail New Registration.
  • Then click CREATE AN ACCOUNT,Gmail Sign Up – Login Gmail Account – Gmail New Registration.
  • Provide your basic and personal information including:
  • Your First and your Last name. – Your Username: if yourusername is already taken then you will have to use another username.
  • Your Password: Choosing a strong password is recommendedwitha mix of numbers, symbols, and letters.
  • Alwaysselect an easy but tricky password for your account, so it will keep your account secure.
  • After you provide the required information, click NEXT.
  • You will be asked to provide your phone number for the verification of your account.
  • After providing a phone number you will receive a verification code OR OTP on your provided number.
  • Mention the OTP and enter verify.
  • If you have not been given the correct country while providing the number you can also select the country by its flag, which is along with the phone number bar.
  • After that, you will have to provide other information which includes:
  • A recovery email address ( Which is optional ).
  • Month, date, and year in which you are born.
  • Your Gender.
  • After providing the details, click on NEXT.
  • After reviewing Google privacy policy and terms completely and carefully, scroll down and click on I AGREE.
  • You have successfully created your Gmail account.

Above listed are things you are to pass through while registering for gmail account and after which you become an gmail account owner,Gmail Sign Up – Login Gmail Account – Gmail New Registration.

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